Wednesday, March 22, 2000. This is a bittersweet day in my life. I'm retiring my Scouts as day to day drivers. They'll be inside protected from the eliments, door dings, ediot drivers and the like. However, I won't be using them for errands, towing or shopping cart bashing any longer. I'll miss the everyday drive in one of the Scouts, but on the other hand I hated to keep wearing them out and banging them up. So after driving Scouts into the year 2000 I bid farwell to my lifelong friends as everyday drivers. I'll still be cruising them in the evenings and on weekends. And I'll still go to car shows and cruises and make fun of all the brand X's. And I'll sleep well at night knowing that I'm preserving some very rare and unique pieces of history, but it's kind of like a piece of my heart has been left in the garage as well.

Oh well enough of the sobbing. I thought everyone would enjoy the pictures of one of my Scouts going out with a bang. I had quite a crowd as I loaded the 1 ton Ford onto the trailer behind my Scout II. As you can tell, it was raining the day I picked up the Ford. The salesman offered to help me hook the trailer up to the Ford so I could tow the Scout home, you should have seen the look on his face, as well as several other people in the show room when I told him I was going to haul the Ford away. That's when the crowd began to gather. There were many suprised faces when I really loaded the 1 ton Ford up and strapped her down. I snapped a couple of photos, waved good-bye to the crowd and hauled my new daily driver to the Scout M.A.D.ness shop.

One last testimony to the day of retirement! I stopped at McDonalds to grab lunch on the way to the shop. Keep in mind the brand new 1 ton Ford is on my trailer. A man parks his van behind me, walks up to me as I'm getting out of the Scout and says, "This is one kick-ass Scout, I love it!". He didn't realize he had made my whole day.

Well before you begin sending your threatening e-mails please cut me a little slack. The Ford does have the International DT444E Diesel engine in it, a.k.a. Powerstroke! Happy Scouting, I hope you like the photos.

October 30, 2000. In all fairness to Ford this has been one heck of a good truck so far. So here is a photo that should make Ford proud and will allow me to brag some on the IH engine inside!

Guess What? I'm making parts for the Super Duty Fords Too!


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